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Environment Carrying Capacity

Study No. 2

Study Area - Raigarh Region

The top boundary of study region started from north of Gharghoda town, which is non-industrialized (but have proven coal deposits).

The bottom boundary of study region ended south of Raigarh town (covering vast agriculture land).

The left boundary of study region ended at district & state boundary (on east side).

The right boundary of study region extended upto Neharpali village where the Steel Plant of Monnet Ispat is located.

The study region was then divided into 3 distinct zones for micro-level study using GIS tools. Each zone represented unique physiographic features and industrialization pattern.

Boundary limit - 21o50'30" to 22o15'00" E and 83o16'30" to 83o33'30" N.

Zone 1 presents the non-industrialized zone where number of coal mines are proposed in future.

Zone 2 presents the region around Tamnar Block, where coal mines have started operating (towards east), a large power plant is under construction, industrial park is functioning and clusters of sponge iron plants are operating (center).

Zone 3 represents the District Headquarter with large steel plants on west and east side and vast agriculture land on the south side.

Aerial survey was carried out using a Caravan Aircraft, flying at 500 m height. Aerail videography was done and photographs were taken to study the landforms and problems in an accurate manner.