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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. As a plant manager, I require comprehensive understanding of environmental laws and procedures related to my plant. What should I do?

Ans. Indian environmental legislation runs through more than 3000 pages and requires technical knowledge to understand. EMTRC provides feasible solutions through one of its training modules, which you and your subordinates can easily understand and implement.

Q2. As an Chief of an industrial establishment, I have to create Environment Management Cell (EMC) and environment laboratory. What should I do?

Ans. EMC require experienced technical staff and its pattern differs from industry to industry depending upon the present activities and future programs. Development of environmental lab requires indepth understanding of instruments, its reliability and standard specifications, The chemists requires formal training for operation and maintenance. EMTRC provides feasible solutions under one roof through one of its training modules.

Q3. I am planning to establish a green-field industrial project. How should I address the environmental issues?

Ans. The procedural framework is available in the Environment Protection Rules. Understanding it requires time and also some experience. Most of the time it is not feasible to adhere to the 100% guidelines for site selection. While initiating any site survey work it is advisable to take the opinion of environmental consultant about the feasibility of the site from environmental angle and the steps required to comply with the environmental laws.

Q4. I am an Chief of a plant which is undergoing expansion programs. What should I do to comply with the environmental laws?

Ans. You need to refer to Environment Act 1986, Water Act 1974 and Air Act 1981 and the various Rules laid under these Acts. You may also contact EMTRC, which also offers suggestions at a nominal price to tell you what are the exact requirements.

Q5. As an ED I am interested in checking the health of Pollution Control Devices (PCD) installed in my plant. What should I do?

Ans. You should get it done from a recognized laboratory. The consultant should have indepth knowledge about the PCD, follow recommended scientific methods of sampling and analysis and should have well equipped lab.

Q6. What is Environmental Statement and should an industry engage the services of environmental consultant for preparing such statements?

Ans. Submission of environmental statement by major and medium industrial units for each financial year ending March 31 is mandatory requirement under EP Act. If done in a systematic and thorough manner, the statement provides opportunity for resource recovery and avoids wastage of resources from raw material to finished product and reduce air emissions, wastewater and solid waste generation. Engaging consultant reduces bias and improves reliability, while preparing environmental statement.

Q7. Is it advisable to publish the environmental performance of a Company for wide circulation?

Ans. Yes, you should publish what you are doing, at least among the government offices and nearby public. This enhances the image of the company and reaps advantages for the company in long run. There are many examples supporting the fact. Environmental governance is getting complicated day by day and the new environment policy lays more stress on private-public-stakeholder involvement in environmental governance. You can also contact EMTRC on how best to achieve benefits through improved environmental performance.