EMTRC Consultants Private Limited
(Accredited / Certified by the Quality Council of India - NABET,
ISO 9001:2008 & OHSAS 18001:2007)
EMTRC Lab recognized by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. Gazette Notification SO 592(E) 8/3/2013 to 7/3/2018.

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Terms of Work

1. EMTRC Consultants Private Limited assures its client / business associates that it will observe all necessary due diligence and standard methodologies, follow ethical work practices for the work undertaken. EMTRC shall strive to complete the work within the specified time frame.

2. Environmental Clearance and Consent rules notified fixed time frame and procedures. EMTRC work within this frame work and is not liable for any consequential delay due to the approval process of the regulatory authorities.

3. EMTRC undertakes all work as per standard procedures, prescribed methodologies and acceptable practices. The Company shall not be held liable for any loss or consequential damages on account of the work and action taken by EMTRC in Good Faith and in the Public Interest. In case of loss due to negligence of EMTRC, only the paid amount shall be refunded and no other consequential damage shall be payable.

4. EMTRC expects its client/ business associates to strictly adhere to the payment terms and conditions. Work is deemed to be started only after receipt of advance payment. Progress of work is linked to timely payment of installments that are due to the Company. Non-payment or delayed payment may also result in abandonment of the work, non-participation in Public Hearing / Expert Committee meeting.

5. As a matter of fact the Company expects that bill / invoice is cleared within a week of receipt of the bill / invoice. EMTRC does not undertake any liaison with the Accounts Department for clearing of Invoice / Bills. The cheque / draft should be promptly couriered to Company's address or paid into EMTRC's Bank Account. EMTRC is not liable for delay in the progress of work / abandonment of work due to late payment / non-payment.

6. Service Tax stated in the bill / invoice must be paid along with the principal amount without fail. Non-receipt of Service Tax for whatsoever reasons will be deemed as payment not paid. Service Tax Registration Certificate of the Company is attached.

7. TDS Certificates for Income Tax deducted at source must be issued and couriered promptly as per the Rules. The PAN of EMTRC Consultants Private Limited is AABCE0945N. The Registered Office of the Company is P-501, Anupam Apartments, East Arjun Nagar, Delhi 110032. Phone Number is 011 22301172 and Mobile Number is 09810032481. The TDS certificate must bear all necessary details.

8. The Company shall also strive to provide value added services to its esteemed business associates and life-time advisory services related to enviro-technical and enviro-legal subject.

9. It is understood and implied that whosoever associates with EMTRC Consultants Private Limited for any work is fully aware of the 'Terms of Work' of the Company and shall not undertake any deviation for whatsoever reason.